Used Car Inspection

Want to Avoid a Used Car Buying Nightmare?

If you find a car you like and want to purchase it from a Private Sale or from a Used Car Dealer, we can check it out for you with our Pre-Owned Car Inspection Service…

      » We will give the vehicle a thorough Detailed Inspection
      » We look over every system on the vehicle
    » We will explain everything we find in a language you will understand

Then you will be fully prepared to negotiate a good price or avoid a nightmare! We’ve had this service for over 15 years… and have seen a variety of vehicles pass through our inspection procedure. We have established that you can’t use price to decide the condition of the car. We’ve seen cars being sold for $3000 that are a Great Buy but we’ve also seen $13,000 cars that would be a nightmare!

I can’t stress how important it is to have a thorough inspection done on a car before you buy it! We find that most customers recoup the cost of this service, either by having repair work done by the owner or negotiating a discounted selling price. Something to think about: Most cars are sold because the present owner doesn’t want to put anymore money into it.

Be a informed buyer and know what you are getting yourself into before you spend your hard earned money.
P.S. If our inspection uncovers things that will kill the deal, we give you 30 days to find another vehicle and we will inspect it for you for FREE.

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