Popular Car Accessories

There are many popular car accessories that you can purchase to customize your vehicle. Many of these items can be installed by the buyer, but in some cases, they should be installed by a professional.
Some of the accessories that can be purchased include a new radio that has a CD player, a GPS system, and an MP3 docking station. If you are not interested in changing out your factory radio, you can purchase an FM transmitter that plays the music from your MP3 player onto a specific radio station.
You can also purchase a stand-alone GPS navigation system that is affixed to your windshield by using a suction cup. This unit is powered by plugging it into a cigarette-lighter socket. You can even purchase a radar detector to save you from a costly speeding ticket. Not that you speed, because being our client you know that driving the speed limit saves fuel. There are also multi-media packages that can be installed into headrests and visors that contain TV’s and DVD players, and that also allow you to play video games.
There are many gadgets and accessories that can be purchased to customize your vehicle to your personal preferences.