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What You Can Expect From Auto World Houston

We’re gonna change your mind about what getting your car repaired should be like. We have the best car repair facility serving Houston’s Galleria, River Oaks, Greenway Plaza and auto repair houston, auto repair galleria, auto repair bellaire, auto repair river oaks, auto repair greenway plazaBellaire areas, period. Once you arrive for your appointment, we start our process…

We Listen:

• We’ll write down exactly what you tell us you are experiencing.
If it’s a ‘Weird One” then we may ask one of our technicians to ride with you to make sure we get to the source of the problem.

We Will Choose Best Tech for the job:

• We will assign the technician that is best suited for your vehicle and its particular problem.

We Will Test Drive:

• We will test drive the vehicle to determine if we can see, hear, or feel what you described.


• We will a conduct a “FREE” Vehicle Maintenance Audit. What this is, is our almost famous way too many to count points safety inspection, to make sure everything else is car repair houston, car repair galleria, car repair river oaks, car repair bellaire, car repair greenway plazao.k. with your vehicle. I think it’s a disservice to our clients to let them leave my facility without knowing what condition their car is in.


• At this point we will generate an estimate that is prearranged and priced out in order of concern.


We will not perform any repairs without your approval:

• We will not begin the repairs until we have talked to you about the problem, the cost and the time it will take to repair.

The Repair Process:

• After getting your approval our ASE Certified technicians will carry out the repairs and/or maintenance work as described to the utmost standard.

Double Checking:

• Once your vehicle has been completed it will be tested and taken on another test drive to make sure we corrected the problem.

We will contact you:

• When your vehicle is totally finished and ready for you to pick up. We will contact you to let you know it’s ready and make arrangements for you to pick it up. Remember we have that FREE Chauffeur Service. When we say we are the BEST auto repair facility in Houston’s Galleria, River Oaks, Greenway Plaza and Bellaire areas, we mean it!

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