Replacing a Brake Light

A non-functioning brake light is not only illegal, but unsafe. Functioning brake lights are needed to signal other drivers that you are slowing down. If drivers are not alerted to your reduction in speed, they could drive into your vehicle and cause an accident. Most brake lights can be replaced at home if you follow the following steps…
First you will need to purchase the right light bulb. Then you will have to pop open the trunk of your car to locate the access panels. Your trunk’s carpeting may be hiding the panel, so you will need to pull it back in order to gain access the panel. Once you have located the panel, you will either have to unlock or unscrew the cover. When you have the panel open, you will have to loosen the bulb holder from its mount and remove the broken bulb. Then you can insert the new bulb, make sure to follow the directions of the bulb manufacturer. Make sure to test the bulb to see that it is functioning correctly.
Of course, if this seems like it’s too much hassle (and it is for most cars), we recommend that you stop by Auto World and let us take care of it for you.