Properly Warming Up Your Car in the Winter

During the winter time, temperatures can get so low that cars need extra time to warm up, before they can be driven. Cold temperatures can put undue stress on a car’s engine which can create problems in the future.
The best thing a person can do with a car that is in a cold area is to start the car and let it idle for 10 or more minutes. This will ensure that the oil is warmed up and it will also warm the interior temperature of the car.
A unique device that can be used to start the vehicle from inside the home or office is a car starter. When the driver hits the button, the device turns the car on and lets it run for 15 minutes or other set amount of time. If the driver leaves the heater in the on position, the car’s interior will be nice and warm. This device can be purchased at a store like Best Buy or Mobile One.
By allowing your vehicle to warm up, you not only ensure that you will be entering a warm car, but you will also make certain the car is ready to be driven.