Checking Your Fluid Levels

Having the proper fluid levels is important to your vehicle’s performance and operation. There are quite a few fluids in your car, which include oil, anti-freeze, windshield and power steering fluids. Eventually, your fluid levels can decrease below the recommended amounts during normal car use. You should check your levels often to prevent any serious damage to your car.
To check your oil, you will need to wait until your car has been off for about an hour, so that the oil has cooled down. You will need to pull the dip stick out to remove and clean it. Then you can place it back in to get a proper reading. When you pull the stick back out, you will be able to see what the fluid level is.
Anti-freeze, power steering fluid, and windshield washer levels can also be checked by following the same process. If the levels are low, add the fluid to the recommended level.
Of course, you really don’t need to get your hands (or clothes!) dirty by doing any of this yourself. Just stop by Auto World and we’ll be glad to check your fluid levels for you.