Detailing Your Car

Keeping your car in tip-top shape is important because it will keep your car looking new for much longer.
Exterior car maintenance includes properly washing and waxing the vehicle, cleaning the tires and wheels, and applying protective products to the paint and tires. On the interior of the vehicle, you will need to apply stain remover on carpet and cloth seats, vacuum, dust and polish. For a good detailing job, you should also shampoo the carpets and mats, to make sure that any dirt that has settled into the fibers is removed. If your seats are made of leather, you should clean and apply a leather protector to keep them in good shape.
The dashboard and car paneling should be properly cleaned and maintained as well. You will need to remove the oils and dirt that accumulate on these surfaces. You can apply a protective liquid like Armorall to help keep the panels looking shiny and new.
To complete your detailing job, you can spray a car scent or purchase air fresheners that will keep the car smelling clean and new.